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Greene King Desperate (for) Housewives
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Worried about the recruitment slowdown in the credit crunch? Concerned about equality and the glass ceiling in many careers. Like a beer? Why not be a publican. OR as Greene King would put it, why not be a Lady Publican or a Public Housewife. On one […]

Blu Tang Clan
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This set of Wu-Tang Covers imagined as Blue Note covers, by designer Logan Walters, is both gorgeous and thought-provoking.
What kind of thoughts does it provoke? It makes me think about sleeve art, and how that art often ties records to a particular[…]


FT Word Threat Level Pandemic Watch
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Yes yes, swine flu. We are all wearing masks and batmanning the barricades against piggy pox. The news is all a flutter and how will we survive with the panicked prognostications of all major news outlets.
However the vectors of the spread of a disea[…]

Raspberry Berate
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An interesting blog post about the recent discovery that our galaxy “smells of raspberries” (and rum, though whether man rum or lady rum is unspecified).
The blog asks: given the irrelevance of that ‘fact’ to astronomy, shoul[…]


Court And Spark
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Cluetrainers In The Age Of Conversation
This post is my contribution to the “Cluetrain Plus Ten” project, in which 95 bloggers provide commentary on each of the 95 Theses of the Cluetrain Manifesto. I chose Thesis 15, which runs as follows:



Frequently Asked Crimes About Time Travel
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I used to think time travel was a great science fiction concept which had unlimited potential in creating exciting storylines. This is almost certainly the fault of
a) Doctor Who (who as a time traveller was having loads of great adventures)
b) Best […]


Freakytrigger and the Lollards Of Pop: Season 3 Episode 8: Visual Aids
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Today’s episode of FreakyTrigger and the Lollards Of Pop starring Pete Baran, Anna Fielding, Magnus Anderson and Tom Ewing is on now. Or was when this was posted. The theme is Lost Property and losing it in general. And since with have such tro[…]

Love chicken? Love waffles?
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Eat At Wally’s!!!
Oh dere lord, but I want to move to Akron, Ohio RIGHT NOW. I can feel my arteries hardening just reading that review:
I could eat that crispy coating and chicken skin all day for the rest of my life. Adding sickeningly sweet […]

Five “Popular” Posts That Don’t Have Comments Yet
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Just sayin’ like
“Rock N Roll Waltz”
“A Woman In Love”
“Just Walkin’ In The Rain”
“Jailhouse Rock” (!!)
“It’s Only Make Believe”
Oh – and also, if you missed it, you […]


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* I contend that there has been a vampire film released every year since 1919, and whilst I contend this with no proof, I contend it with the same certainty that I could run a marathon. Its plain to me that vampires are an all pervading myth and o[…]


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