Worried about the recruitment slowdown in the credit crunch? Concerned about equality and the glass ceiling in many careers. Like a beer? Why not be a publican. OR as Greene King would put it, why not be a Lady Publican or a Public Housewife. On one hand we should applaud Greene King for trying to tackle the appalling lack of diversity in the publican trade.


Look, Its PINK!!!! FOR GURLS

Look, Its PINK!!!! FOR GURLS

The Public Housewifes Website is aimed at women. How do you know? Well it is pink*. Lets see what they say:

You could be queen of the Castle
(or the Crown, or the Prince of Wales…)
We’re looking for more women to run pubs. Currently, only 13% of the Greene King pub estate is operated by independent females and we’d really like to recruit some more. Come on girls, it’s not just a job for the men, you have as much right to be in charge as they do.

Indeed you do have as much right to be in charge as men. IT WAS CALLED THE SEX DISCRIMINIATION ACT OF 1975. But fair play, Greene King have thought long and hard about the reasons women make better publicans:


We know what women want.
Women have more attention to detail.
Women know how to clean a toilet.
We can create a pub that women love and will want to use.
Women are more diplomatic, so you don’t get problems.
Women are multi-taskers.
Women create better teams.
Women are natural home makers and customers want to feel at home.
Women nurture and train staff.

Can’t help but thinking SOMEONE should be sent on a “True meaning of diversity course” here. Why not add “Women are easier to bully by the brewery when we make ridiculous changes to the beers you are allow to sell and the prices you want to charge”. Or how about pointing out that “Woman can use the dregs in the drip tray to condition their hair”. Or perhaps more suspiciously, “Woman can be paid 17% less than men on average and as self-employed tied publicans, its not illegal”. All rather shocking stuff. Ten out of ten for the idea, one out of then for the execution. (one of the case studies however is The Queen’s Larder, a minor favourite of mine).

But wait there is more. Civvy Street Pubs, Greene King actively courting ex-servicemen to run pubs. Unfortunately this microsite is less patronising to our boys, though there is a subtle hint that it might suit you if you still fancy a bit of a dust up.

*Proving once and for all the FreakyTrigger is also JUST FOR GURLS.