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23. Ambassadors of Funk ft MC Mario – Supermarioland

It was an unspoken agreement that you were only allowed to play the shorter ‘B’ game of Tetris in the playground, as everyone had got so good at the (indefinitely long) ‘A’ game that they would hog it the entire breaktime and the complex priority system* would dissolve into chaos. Despite this suprisingly democratic arrangement, the days when D4v1d Ell1s0n remembered to bring in Super Mario Land were immensely preferable: the percentage of people who could get past the big seahorse at the end of world 2 (i.e. those who had their own Gameboy to practice on) was low enough that I often got a quick go. I was a RUBBISH GIRL at it though – whilst my friend Em did our gender proud by regularly getting enough coins to earn an extra life, I kept falling down a gap where there was CLEARLY a platform there a second ago. Stupid Mario.


Destroying The World Whilst Searching For Pron

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A moment ago I came across this article on the Telegraph website suggesting that “Two Google Searches ‘produce same amount of CO2 as boiling a kettle’ “. (For some reason i linked this in my mind to Boy George prefering a cup of tea to sex, don’t know why). Anyway first thing I did after reading it and deciding to do my bit for global warming by posting it up here was google, “Google CO2”. Well, I wasn’t going to post a link to the Telegraph website, what would you all think of me? So clearly I was not worried about the story, spanking Google just to make me look better. Anyway a screenshot of what I found is below the break. Do we think Google seem to want to push the debunkers more than the research?


I didn’t even know her!

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Krister HenrikssonHaving read the late Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” (a ponderous Swedish whodunit filled with frozen countrysides, casual sex and endless cups of coffee) I found that as usual I had my finger on the caffeinated, Scandinavian pulse of the zeitgeist. For what did I find on BBC Four the very night I finished it but wall-to-wall Wallander – a whole slew of shows dedicated to Henning Mankell’s enormously popular police procedural novels.

To my great enjoyment, these included a couple of Swedish TV movies – with subtitles and everything! There was an ulterior motive, however. It was all a lead-in, a softening-up, to get me hooked on BBC One’s English adaptation of the books – starring Kenneth Branagh as the titular Swede.


My 10 Worst Films Of 2008: 10: Charlie Bartlett

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Another year, another list of rubbish films. The same caveats as last year apply, in as much as while I am inexorably drawn to some very bad films, I do dodge a number of them. Mainly because I am able to recognise that there is nothing to redeem say, Meet The Spartans or Disaster Movie which I don’t doubt are really the worst films of last year by a country mile. And having lost all patience with M.Night Shyalaman, I did not happen to see The Happening (fear not fans of Mark Whalberg, he still turns up). And as last year, let me tell you what the cut off point is at the eleventh worst film: The Love Guru. Which possibly survived because I have already slagged it off.

To get a feel for this list, which for suspense purposes will be released with one film per day (or so) here is last years lists: 10-6 and 5-1.



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Obviously I have an attraction to crazy quixotic blogging projects*, but I have to take my hat off to Laura Hudson and Leigh Walton, who are planning to blog EVERY ISSUE OF CEREBUS. On the one hand, there are ‘only’ 300 of ’em. On the other…. well, NO SPOILAZ, but there are sections of the story I’ll be interested to see how they handle. Currently, of course, they’re still on the early funny stuff (except before it was funny).

*By the way, I recently found a blog taking up where Mike Daddino’s US-equivalent-of-Popular project left off, but I’ve completely lost the URL. It was called “No Tape Errors” or something similar. If this is your thing (or if you know whose it is!) get in touch so I can link it!