A moment ago I came across this article on the Telegraph website suggesting that “Two Google Searches ‘produce same amount of CO2 as boiling a kettle’ “. (For some reason i linked this in my mind to Boy George prefering a cup of tea to sex, don’t know why). Anyway first thing I did after reading it and deciding to do my bit for global warming by posting it up here was google, “Google CO2”. Well, I wasn’t going to post a link to the Telegraph website, what would you all think of me? So clearly I was not worried about the story, spanking Google just to make me look better. Anyway a screenshot of what I found is below the break. Do we think Google seem to want to push the debunkers more than the research?

At the heart of the research I suggest is something a little more sinister. The suggestion is the IT industry creates more CO2 that the aviation industry now. But the aviation industry seem pretty cheesed off about constant anti-plane protests by environmentalist, ORGANISED ON THE INTERNET. The clever industrial sabotage departments of the airline industry have realised that they can stop the protests if they get the environmentalists off of the internet. How better to do that than a scare story like this?