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They Nicknamed Me Spooky
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Apropos the discussion of scary music on last night’s Lollards (I will try and find time to give Coil the longer post it probably deserves), here’s a track by fairly obscure late 90s “imaginary soundtrack” dudes Cinema, called[…]

Food Triads and Double Dips
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Here’s a couple of food science-y items recently brought to my attention.
Firstly – the hygiene issues surrounding ‘communal dipping’. I’m sure everyone is pretty familiar with this practice, unless you live in a cave or[…]

Scary videos – Dir en Grey
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Time to raise the stakes here on Freaky Trigger — before plunging them deep into your hearts — and get into some stuff that even Marilyn Manson might think twice about. Dir en Grey is a — what, thrashcore? — band from Japan wh[…]

Scary videos – Too Much Blood
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In this run-up to the horror of post-Shrove Tuesday life, when we will all be down to fruit juice and morsels of pre-digested tofu — what do you mean, you don’t know what I’m talking about? — it is SCARY VIDEO time here at the[…]

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 2, Week 10
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Scary Monsters and Super Freaks-ytriggers: Pete Baran, Alix Campbell, Ewings Tom and Al, with Steve Hewitt in the crypt.
A monster Monster FITE! (Oh yes.) Some corrections. Bob McFadden and Dor “I’m A Mummy” (and “Kookie Lend […]

Let’s Keep Talking About “Let’s Talk About Love”
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I’ve now read and can report back on “Let’s Talk About Love”, Carl Wilson’s Celine book for the 33 1/3 series. I’m not really able to pull my thoughts together into anything coherent, hence this post is a bit listy[…]


Shooting Fish In A Barrel Department: Biffy Clyro Division
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Biffy Clyro, Scottish emo pioneers* think that just because they have a stupid name that they are same from me. Perhaps they think that by being so awesomely bad on purpose, that I won’t bother to criticise their audience proof music. But serio[…]

The Ten Best Films I Saw Last Year In The Cinema In 2007: 10-6
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So you saw the worst, here and here. Same details apply, the films in this list are films I saw in the cinema in 2007. Which means there are some 2007 films which won’t apply because I didn’t see them in 2007 (a good example would be Plan[…]

So that explains it
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On the last episode of Freaky the Trigger and His Pop Lollards, you may recall my amazed-ness that Dolly Parton’s theme park in the hills of East Tennessee is a household name over in Britain — a revelation promptly skewered by Kat, who h[…]

Wampire Beak Hen (d)
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Matt DC captures lots of why I like Vampire Weekend (and I really really like them) in this ILX post
Nitsuh does a great job with the Pitchfork review.
Not covered in either: someone on the ILX thread (who doesn’t like them) asks if it’s[…]


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