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Day 80: International Date Line
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Ah the triumphant return. Never mind that since I have been gone miscreants and maladroit troubadours such as Sandi Thom have sprung up. Never mind that the train from Dover to London took almost eight hours. That did not matter. I would make to the […]

The second best museum in the world…
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…is the Sea Findings Museum in Vilchadia, on Kalymnos.* Vilchadia is a ten minute taxi ride from Pothia, the main port of Kalymnos, and it’s very easy to find the Sea Findings Museum because there isn’t anything else there (bar two […]

Ants On Stilts
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Cruel experiments on ants in fiction are generally a sign of incipient serial killing.
In REAL LIFE though they are a sign of science fulfilling its noble purpose to push forward the frontiers of knowledge. In this case the question purports to be &#[…]

Scotching Their Chances
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Oh dear, poor old Andy Murray. Just by showing his allegiance to Scotland he has suddenly gone and made himself very unpopular with the English. When asked who he would be supporting in the World Cup, the freshfaced Tartan Tenniser joking said &#8220[…]

Poptimism – Lesson Four
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The Wizzard – Paul Hardcastle
A Public Affair – Jessica Simpson
We Are Your Friends – Justice Vs Simian
MyMyMy – Armand Van Helden (Joy Kitikonti Remix)
Deja Vu – Beyonce (feat. Jay-Z)
I Am A Raver – DJ Ran[…]

Fearless Yes: Ageless No
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Jet Li has made his last Martial Arts epic. Whilst I am not here to rag on his acting talents as a surprising number reviewers do, one wonders what the USP of a martial artsless Jet Li will be. So let’s just say that Fearless might be Jet Li&#8[…]

DAY 79: The White Cliffs Of Dover
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Luckily yesterdays questions were answered quite quickly when Crispian came back from his scouting mission and pointed out we were just outside Marseilles. But I had no time even to slag off the French National Anthem, I needed to hotfoot (NOT HOTST[…]

FSVO Fair!
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According to the Official Regulations of the football competition everyone except turkmenistan is watching:
A Fair Play contest will be held during the competition, for which FIFA will draw up special regulations. The FIFA Fair Play Trophy, a fair pl[…]

Day 78: Lost In France
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Waking up in a hedge is never a pleasant experience. Waking up in a hedge with a turncoat like Crispian De Savary, a man who tried to sell me to the MAN, (or at least THE FRENCH MAN) was intolerable. It took an awful lot of self restraint for me not […]

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Fans of Soho have been in black for about a year, mourning the loss of Old Compton Street institution Pollo. Attracted by the red leather booths, keg wine, spectacular ranges of pasta and LEST WE FORGET, a yummy strawberry milkshake, we decided it wa[…]


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