Fans of Soho have been in black for about a year, mourning the loss of Old Compton Street institution Pollo. Attracted by the red leather booths, keg wine, spectacular ranges of pasta and LEST WE FORGET, a yummy strawberry milkshake, we decided it was Our equivalent of Max’s Kansas City – except we were less glammed up smack addicts who couldn’t play guitar, rather carb-ed up pint seekers who can play “The King of Carrot Flowers” bassline with only a few stops after each note. “Where shall we eat?” was a redundant question, we knew…. we knew

But, there came a time when we had to hold our chins up, and admit Pollo was closed. The premises stayed shut, the interiors sadly darkened and dust gathering where I once ordered Vermouth.

UNTIL NOW. Strolling though Soho, hungry, the “where shall we eat” question ominously overshadowing our amble, we headed for “Ed’s Easy Diner” to try and sate desire for milkshakes (and Ed’s does a smashing milkshake but that’s for another post). Passing Pollo, we did the obligatory *sigh* … GASP!! There was a blue A4 piece of paper stuck to the window… LICENSE PERMISSION! Pollo will soon be, I can reveal….

La Porchetta, Old Compton Street.

I feel let down, and pleased at the same time. The Little Piggy is known throughout London by pizza addicts as good value, scrummy and does the job nicely. But… do we need another one there? Will the Little Piggy BRING SOMETHING or might we just as well have had a Wagamama? It could be worse, much worse. I shouldn’t feel disappointed…

But, I do :(

I guess I’ll have to just go and have a pizza there where it opens, to test the water like :)