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Intelligent Beermat
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Science meddling in matters it cannot comprehend, the concept of ‘needs a refill’ is a terribly flexible one, and much better managed by the trained eye observing the ‘cheeky line’ than this robot nonsense.[…]

Drinking in S.E
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From‘s review of the Montague Arms in SE15: “If it’s just a drink you want, though, there are decent pubs much nearer the New Cross stations”.
Yeah dudes, I wish that was the bloody case… I mean if you want just […]

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viz “do you like hitler?” = BDELYGMIA“grebt”, “haf”, “ect ect” ect ect = METAPLASM“fan-feckin-tastic” = TMESIS“yay me” = BOMPHIOLOGIA or VERBORUM BOMBUS if ur betimes a LATIN)

Bagthorpes Explained
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I don’t know why I put my RIP Helen Cresswell notice on NYLPM but it allows me to go into more detail here about the BAGTHORPE SAGA. This series of books doesn’t rate much as a ‘cult’ children’s book, there seem to be no[…]

The Poppiest Hobos
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In two weeks time (October 14th), we have another POPTIMISM night – hurrah! This is the good news.
The bad news is, it’s our last at the Polar Bear, as they don’t need us any more. We don’t know whether this is just us, or a w[…]

[insert mufc employee/owner here] ON THIN ICE
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I judge that the above headline will be used many times over the winter, with said employee/owner pictured/photoshopped here. also it’s not exactly somerset house is it? a scabby carpark on the edge of manchester…[…]

All The Bees Are Ded
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RIP Helen Cresswell, author of The Bagthorpe Saga, which made me larff so much as an 11-year old that I’ve never dared go back and try reading it again.[…]

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For those who are getting worried that the book is just a tease vis a vis moon builders, note there are 14 Chapters in Who Built The Moon, the tease is part of the game. Chapter 6: entitled The Living Earth continues the tease. Apropos to nothing thi[…]


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scorsese wz a good choice of dylan doc-director for any number of reasons of course, but one might just be the way BE MY BABY kicks off mean streets – seeing as MS has a clear gift for making you rehear songs
not much to say abt the portrait o[…]

People Boycott Film In Which People Are Portrayed In a Negative Light
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Okay, not ALL people, but flight attendants. Or as well like to call ’em, trolley dollies aka air stewardesses. Apparently the Jodie Foster “The Lady Vanishes” rip-off Flightplan portrays some air stewards as being rude, insensitive[…]


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