In two weeks time (October 14th), we have another POPTIMISM night – hurrah! This is the good news.

The bad news is, it’s our last at the Polar Bear, as they don’t need us any more. We don’t know whether this is just us, or a wider shift in policy for the downstairs club, or if they’re closing, or WHAT (though we don’t THINK it’s personal, we’ve always got on fine with them).

But never mind the why, que sera sera – it’s a great shame as it was in many ways an ideal venue, but POPTIMISM MUST LIVE ON. We have, as they say, so much love to give.

If you know of any venues which might fancy Poptimism then please let us know. And if you are a Poptimism regular with a blog and have helped build up our good word of mouth in the past, then feel free to mention it too in case anyone else knows.

And just to remind you – OCTOBER 14TH, POPTIMISM, farewell to the Poley Bear, it’s going to be very very good.