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OneTouchMusic is a music discussion board, for people who really can’t get enough of it. It’s interesting how all music discussion boards end up with pretty much the same topics – as Stevie T. said to me, “It’s like I Lo[…]

From our Sugababes Correspondent
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From our Sugababes Correspondent aka Mr Dan Rhodes, who would like it made clear (in response to my begging to reprint it) that this is “drunken evangelising”. Not something we’re unfamiliar with ourselves.
Sometimes The Sun Shines […]

Making The Pie Higher
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Making The Pie Higher might be what this page is called. I like it a lot (it’s a weblog and it talks about music sometimes, pigeonholers) and should the guy(?) who runs it e-mail me and say what its actual name is I’ll give it a permanent[…]

Lee Munson
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Lee Munson is like a lot of people I don’t know, those creepy villians who commute to Wall Street everyday wearing clothes worth more than their souls. Music content: “Did I pay for half a fucking Scorpions song? Yes or no? No! If I paid […]

Can there be anyone worse
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Can there be anyone worse than Sean Combs at picking names? From “Puffy” to “Diddy” – Sean, man, what are you trying to say here?[…]

The way the future sounds
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The way the future sounds it may well have been, but I was totally aware when I saw my first Art Of Noise record that the invisible genii behind it were also behind Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Admittedly that record wasn’t “Beatbox”,[…]

What do the following have in common?
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What do the following have in common? Opera, investment linked annuities, e-commerce, weblogging, buses, indoor bowls, DIY, Mathematics, gardening, and babies? They are all the “new rock and roll”, according to overworked and underinspire[…]

Pop Eye
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Pop Eye: a frustrated Greg tackles the most boring week in UK Chart history.[…]

“Is metal about to see a resurgence?”
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“Is metal about to see a resurgence?” asks the sub-header to this fine and thought-provoking article, which then rather gloomily prognosticates that no, it’s not about to come back. Well, can you see the Bizkit army turning back in […]

I hate the Avalanches
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I hate the Avalanches — there, that got your attention. Actually, I’m lying — they’re quite good, not ready to call them the new Disco Inferno quite yet, but definite points for trying and I can see why people are excited abo[…]


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