I hate the Avalanches — there, that got your attention. Actually, I’m lying — they’re quite good, not ready to call them the new Disco Inferno quite yet, but definite points for trying and I can see why people are excited about them in the same way I was when I first heard D.I. Go Pop so many moons ago. I’m just surprised nobody (to my knowledge) has mentioned the Beta Band in comparison with them yet — seems to me both bands run on a similar parallel in unselfconsciously embracing so much of what *yawn* indie rock disregards or implicitly belittles, and implicitly daring their peers to at least try harder. And that, my friends, is a good thing.

All this by means of introduction. For better or worse, I am the first in what should be an entertaining collage of new FT editors over the coming months, as Tom creates His Masterwork and of course duly includes all of us in the acknowledgements section. By full name, e-mail and web site address. Thanks, Tom, you’re too kind.

For those who don’t know me via I Love Music (and you really should go if you haven’t, it’s great fun — but be sure to mention Killing Joke only sparingly), my somewhat out-of-date website (I’m now 30, not 29, for a start) will provide some vague details. I intend to keep the open-minded spirit of FT flowing without change, for why mess with astounding goodness?

This said, I’m going to try for at least one article a week myself (maybe more? we’ll see where I can take things), hit up regulars for more goodness, and welcome, nay, insist, DEMAND new blood — not that the current contributors stink (far from it!), but I know that a fair amount of those reading here have their own blogs and centers for rumination and the like. And as a lot of you can clearly write very well, it is time to embrace that belov’d essay format (or fake interview or open-ended series of impressions or whatever). So either rush to volunteer now or deal with me firing off oily form letters all saying something like, “Dear (your name here), your latest post on (insert band here) has convinced me that you must write for FT…” If for some reason you are unsure of what you can do and prefer to read rather than write in general, well, try me. Send me a sample, give me some thoughts. Editors are here to make helpful suggestions and see what can be done. E-mail me at any time: ned@kuci.org.

In the meantime, the mellifluous western Massachusetts adventurer that is Otis Wheeler has just today proposed a regular column entitled The Third Door. A fine idea, and we’ll get that rolling as soon as we can. At some point, Maura and I will also complete our planned analysis of The Greatest and Most Successful Boy-Band Ever — and it isn’t who you think it is.

Rumors that I will institute a tyranny of enforced celebration of MBV, the Chameleons and the Cure are to be disregarded as the ridiculous propaganda they are. What a strange, strange idea to hold of me. *idly hums “Soul in Isolation” to self again and regards the unsmiling face of Robert Smith looking down at me from my bedroom wall*