Making The Pie Higher might be what this page is called. I like it a lot (it’s a weblog and it talks about music sometimes, pigeonholers) and should the guy(?) who runs it e-mail me and say what its actual name is I’ll give it a permanent link. Sorry, that sounds kind of crap, like I’m deigning to offer this person a link.

Anyway, why do I like it? Because it’s crisply written and intelligent and its criticisms mostly seem on. I would submit that “indie sites” (which I suspect we are) are ignoring Gorillaz not because they are too elitist to take note of Damon but because Damon‘s wanky cartoon supergroup is itself a nakedly elitist join-the-dots of Grand Royal hipsterdom. What does “elitist” mean anyway?

NYLPM also gets accused – there’s loads of stuff on the site that isn’t to do with us but I’m an egoist – of being blindly pro-pop and snarkily trendy. Well, pro-pop we’ll always admit to, but I can’t think of a single one of the pop records we’ve championed on this page which I wouldn’t still urge people to hear. As for snarky and trendy, yeah, bring it on. Those are good things to be! (And we’re not really very trendy.)