The Centre of Attention is a gallery without a gallery. It uses premises as necessary and appropriate, and its current temporary project is online. They call it the International Art Blog and it involves contributions from various art figures in various locations around the world.

I rather like the fact that its chaotic design makes it rather hard to take everything in at once. I like the fact it calls itself a blog but feel a bit too article-focussed to actually be one. I like the ‘public blog’ element, which is slightly more than a reactions function, in that it gives the unsolicited contributions equal billing to the ‘real’ contributors. Most of all I like the overall feeling that there’s far too much exciting stuff going on around the world for one person to keep up. I enjoy being reassured that the story of contemporary art can’t be written at the moment.

I roll my eyes at the references to openings. But that complaint is for another day.

The Brown Wedge