Menace To Society

Another of the small consolations of relegation to the Conference was Burton Upon Trent. A Mecca of sorts for the consumer of bitter, I’ve never been. I learned to drink beer through the good offices of Messrs Bass Worthington (or was it Bass Charrington? I was never able to work out the difference). I have long thought of the home of Bass as the home of a little piece of me, or ‘ more properly – a distressingly large piece of me. City were scheduled to play there on Saturday October 4th, a perfect opportunity for a pre-birthday day out.

What has happened to my plan to visit the rolling hills and (reputedly) divine boozers of Derbyshire? The Police have decided that it will be much better to hold the match on the Friday evening, plainly a move to encourage the barbarous horde of Exeter fans to absent themselves. Happily, we haven’t had any trouble so far this season and I can think of no reason why any should start now. It seems a shame that our day trip has been spoiled. Maybe I don’t know the full story. I’m in no mood to go off on a diatribe against the Derbyshire Constabulary.

But I hope they get Cardiff in the Cup.