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Pop World Cup 2010: Group F – Paraguay 0 New Zealand 0
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Steve M’s New Zealand are through to the next round and coasting. Paraguay, managed by Talia, are very close to qualification, needing just a point to see them through. Is this a good time to play NZ? Or will Paraguay find their squad – a[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group F – Slovakia 3 Italy 0
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There is controversy afoot – controversy about the suspect timekeeping in key matches, controversy about the competence of some of the less prominent PWC administrators. It’s a fractious time. One one side of this game, Julio’s Slov[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group F – Italy 1 New Zealand 3
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New Zealand enter this game with their tails up, this group’s only holder of three points after round one. If the Italians play as they did in the last game, they might chew those Kiwi tails right off.
Voting on this match finishes at midnight […]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group F – Slovakia 0 Paraguay 3
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This match could be transformative for one of these teams. Slovakia emerged from their first game with nothing, after hoping to win, while Paraguay were utterly befuddled by Italy’s revolutionary tactics in a 0-0 draw which attracted massive pr[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group F – New Zealand 3 Slovakia 1
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The second group F game sees New Zealand and Slovakia go head to head – two Pop World Cup unknowns making their debut on the biggest stage. Both have gone for experienced managers, Steve Mannion in the Kiwis’ dugout while Julio de Souza s[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group F – Italy 0 Paraguay 0
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Group F’s opener sees Paraguay, managed by Talia, take on Marna’s Italy side. Both these teams came bottom of their groups at the last Pop World Cup – while it’s probably fair to say pop minnows Paraguay will be looking to enj[…]

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