There is controversy afoot – controversy about the suspect timekeeping in key matches, controversy about the competence of some of the less prominent PWC administrators. It’s a fractious time. One one side of this game, Julio’s Slovakia: they have fought bravely but this is a farewell to the tournament, their tickets home have already been booked. Marna and her Italy team have a slim chance of progressing but need a stonking big win AND need Paraguay to lose in the other final group game. For reasons not fully understood by the World Pop FA, both managers have refused to speak to the press.

This match closes at midnight on Monday 19th April

SLOVAKIA: Robert Burian feat Zdenka Predna – “You” The Manager Says: “No comment.”

ITALY: Alberto Remondini ft Luca Zeta – “I Can’t Stay” The Manager Says: “No comment”

Group F Match 5: Which track did you prefer? [ballot]

  • SLOVAKIA: Robert Burian ft Zdenka Predna 76%
  • ITALY: Alberto Remondini ft Luca Zeta 24%

Total Voters: 45

Poll closes: 19 Apr 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary box analysis We don’t know why they won’t talk. There are screams of “cover-up” and suggestions of righteous indignation at some unspecified corruption within the Pop FA, but no details are available at this time. Meanwhile, what we do know is that this remains a fascinating game. Away from the sideshow of managerial non-antics, this seems to be a game of pop football the way it used to be played. Slovakia present a pleasing slice of melodic eurobosh, the Italians deploy a tune which seems a classic example of the Italian pop game – a combination of the wistful vocal line and the nearly-banging, with a vague sense of the anthemic lingering around.

Results: Group B: Nigeria 3 – Korea Republic 2; Argentina 4 – Greece 0. Chris R’s Korea Republic, needing just a point to be certain of qualification, conceded a heartbreaking goal to Matt DC’s Nigeria deep into the injury time which arose from shady timekeeping on the parts of the referees. All Korean eyes nervously turned to the result from the Argentina-Greece game, which was an absolutely stonking victory for an Argentine side decked out by manager Jonathan Bogart in their non-indie away strip. For the first time in the competition, Johan seemed to have misjudged Greece’s tactics.

Feverish calculations suggest that Korea Republic have qualified by the narrowest of percentage-difference margins.

Coming up: The conclusion of Group F. Steve M’s New Zealand (already qualified) vs Talia’s Paraguay (knocking on the door), two teams which have already pleased the crowds in the tournament face off in what promises to be another transcontinental feast of pop football.