This match could be transformative for one of these teams. Slovakia emerged from their first game with nothing, after hoping to win, while Paraguay were utterly befuddled by Italy’s revolutionary tactics in a 0-0 draw which attracted massive press coverage. The question really is who will deal best with the pressure?

Voting on this match finishes at midnight on the 31st March.

SLOVAKIA: Martina Schindlerova – “Mozes Ist’” The Manager Says “So, one more game for the minnows!!…just another backward bunch of ‘Eastern’…dragged along so that the rest of the pop fraternity can feel good about themselves!…the world united in pop music…

Until they kick us out first round, right? Oh thanks! Many Thanks! I’m raging! I’m fuming! Two sendings off!…and for what, elbows? This ‘world cup’ is no better than third division in a muddy Žilina, do you take us for bloody fools?!?!?

Its not out fault! We were puppets of the Austrians…Berg, Webern, Schoenberg and their No tunes nonsense…then BARTOK!…using our melodies…in 1916…its so degrading!!….haha they thought they had us haha but FRANK ZAPPA played ‘titties and beer’ for the 1000th time! LIBERATION, A hammer blow on the berlin wall!…EUROVISION is the future!!!

We will not be stopped!

PARAGUAY: Los Verduleros – “Contigo” The Manager Says “Ditching the previous Eurovision metal approach, this time we’re feeling the summer approaching with a slice of Los Verduleros, a band who named themselves after the 1985 Spanish remake of Police Academy. Beginning almost like Uncle John From Jamaica, the light tin drums will transport you straight to the heart of America… perhaps.”

Commentary Box Analysis: Something strange is going on in Group F, and it might be the pressure of the popcup’s hothouse environment. Slovakia’s manager gives an angrily defiant, barely coherent press conference and then plays the exact team who failed to qualify from their domestic leagues to compete in UEFAvision this year, but deployed in a prettily acoustic formation. Meanwhile Paraguay’s coach seems decidedly glum about their prospects, and plays a team which is at least respectable and maybe better, in the pop-reggae style which has been successful elsewhere. Listen out for a couple of very notable six-string incursions from the wing – will they be effective?

Group F Match 3: Which track did you prefer? [ballot]

  • PARAGUAY: Los Verduleros – “Contigo” 84%
  • SLOVAKIA: Martina Schindlerova – “Mozes Ist'” 16%

Total Voters: 38

Poll closes: 31 Mar 2010 @ 23:59

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Result! Group D: Ghana 4 Australia 3: Managers are often punished in the Pop World Cup for deploying beloved stars of previous generations, and the chatter was all about the Aussie approach. Even so, the tactic very nearly worked out for the Pop-eroos against a much-fancied Ghana slightly off their springy best on this showing. It so nearly worked, in what turned out to be a high-scoring game. Into injury time at 3-3, the press were writing up a draw with honour intact all around, when Ghana scored with the last kick of the game. “Australia, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?” “I thought this particular striker was serving a life ban after his horror tackle on Kylie several seasons ago..” “Australia edge this due to rugged defensive brass section – not pretty but effective – and some deft runs from the late, highly original guitarist Rowland S Howard.” “Ghana’s agile playing is a joy to behold and a stark contrast to the cynical and ineffective aggression of the Australians.

Coming Next More Group F business as dark horses New Zealand take on Italy, fresh from *that* match in the last round. there’s no knowing what will happen.