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Freaky Trigger presents A Slug of Pop (series 3, week 4)
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A special episode of Lollards this week, as Tom Ewing and Mark Sinker each talk about a pop song of their choice, with Tim Hopkins asking them the difficult questions. How is putting Lakshminarayanan Shankar on your record a crass commercial move? Ar[…]


Rob Emo Watch (Return!)
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i wasn’t really watching closely enough to make this an actual real REW, but tonight’s ep of robin h. featured LOLLARDRY! (or at least wycliffism)
UPDATE: didn’t think properly about this last night — robin is set in the reig[…]


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Lollards is winding down — last show tonight! — but dry yr eyes and defuzz yr lesser thoracic palps bcz we have EXCITING NEWS for our LOYAL LISTENERS, viz 1 x new eight-week series on Resonance FM 104.4 starting next Tuesday, 1 April 10-1[…]

The PIE-LOT Episode of Freaky Trigger & Lollards Of Pop
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pie-lot: Host Eli, Guests, Tim, Kat, Mark. Spanish Pop, ghost stories, I love this bar, dr pub, bosh of the week (never gonna give you up), pop forecast, Adumsson, Smoking, Beth Ditto Karaoke.

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