Things are getting tight down at the bottom of League Two (nee Division Three* nee Division Four). Having plummeted down there in the last few months, my team Barnet are bobbling just above the two team relegation zone. One win and one loss over Easter weekend places them back in fourth from bottom, but as a glimpse at the table will show there are almost eight teams in with a chance of going down. Propping up the table, slightly adrift, is Torquay – Barnet’s previous nemesis who sent us down in 2000. Which is why I don’t trust them being down there and want at least a couple of teams as a security blanket.

I particularly don’t trust as they have got a new manager, and new managers can often turn things around albeit briefly. Briefly is all it will take down there. Anyway, a quote from Ian Atkins new Torquay manager: “If someone gets shot in the street, do you help them or do you walk away and take the easy option?” My advice: walk away Ian, walk away.

*Amusing to see that from a URL perspective the BBC still think of League Two as Division Three!