All-Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder was DC Comics attempt at making a Batman comic that unites the best and most iconic talent doing stories which you did not need thirty years of continuity to understand. In Frank Miller they had the best selling and most respected Batman writer. No matter that the last time he wrote Batman (The Dark KNight Strikes Back) it was an incoherent mess. Give him the freedom and he can still write entertaining tales.

There may be some internal story reason for ASBARTBW (handy acronymn) going so much off the rails already, but as the series continues it is getting increasingly unlikely. The first episode was solid, albeit showing more sex for Alfred than usual. The second episode, Batman kidnaps Dick Grayson and is borderline abusive to him for the entire comic. The third one however seemed to almost forget the titular characters to do an origin of his version of minor hero Black Canary who whilst not being titular certainly had plenty of tits. People who weren’t bemused by Bruce Wayne saying “I’m the goddamn Batman” were a bit confused by the lack of Batman and Robin, and instead a buxom blonde vigilante who for some reason also wore a mask while she was working as a barmaid.

Anyway, anyone confused will I am sure be reassured by this Miller penned cover of issue 5, which appears to feature solely Wonder Woman’s bum.