So when I left you, Europe were up two games in the Weber Cup. They maintained this form through Saturday, and started the first session on Sunday at an impressive 12-10. Indeed the only part of their game that was looking shaky were the Baker Games which finished every session.

This lack of form in the Baker Games was put down tot he fact that it is a format that is rarely used in competition in Europe. However, this line seems suspect when you consider what a Baker Game is. Basically it is the whole team playing: player one plays frame one and six, player two plays two and seven. This differs somewhat to the doubles games where the players just alternate balls – thus picking up spares if the partner is k.rub. But in the end, in bowling tactics are not a major aspect, the order of bowling should not matter beyond placing your strongest bowlers in the right place (frames one and five). So the fact Europe lost every one of the Baker games was not only a mystery, but an increasing liability. Especially on Sunday when Europe’s bowling fell apart.

Europe walked in to the Barnsley Metrodome, two frames up. We walked out for tea two frames down. 13-15, the US needing only three frames to win. In the evening session, much like snooker, it just keeps going until there is a winner. And Europe lost the first frame. 13-16. Frankly, things were looking bad. So bad that I left Carsmile’s (somewhat nippy) house at 10pm. Only to receive text updates of a comeback. Indeed more than a comeback. With no Baker games left, and only singles to play out the day, Europe mopped up five in a row. We won, 18-16. White Russians all round.

Bring on the El Paso Bowlerama 2006…