In December, Blog 7 will be the blog of endings – final chapters, grand finales, fade-outs, fake-outs, and all things terminal. Why? Well, partly because it’s the last month of 2005, a year a lot of us will be happy to see the back of, and partly because at the end of December…

one of Freaky Trigger’s blogs will DIE!

Of course this wasn’t really our choice. The new European Commission Directive on blogging allows any organisation to run a total of only six blogs unlicensed, and none of us fancy a trip to Brussels*. So one of them has got to go. We thought of doing a vote, but in the end it’s a very personal decision we have to take here, so we’re going to have a look at all of them and then decide in the pub.

Popular, and Tanya’s blog, aren’t affected in this, as they’re personal blogs not team ones. So up for the chop are:

Do You See?
The Brown Wedge
Pumpkin Publog
Proven By Science
Blog Seven

oh yes, and TMFD.

(In the six blog era Blog Seven will, naturally, still be called Blog Seven. If it survives.)

*this isn’t true at all, but none of us fancy a trip to the Weblog Licensing Office there.