in 1823 william webb-ellis “with a fine disregard for the rules of foopball” picked up the ball and ran and invented rugby blah blah zzz

cricket was evolved out of rounders by an evil RPG-infested think-tank (interestingly but unsurprisingly once you think abt it, the 12-sided dicegame OWZAT!! predates the invention of cricket)

so what new “sports” are needed? would golf be improved by ice-hockey style goal-keepers (on rollerskates obv)? should the biathlon “they are armed” meme by introduced into the louge?

(ps: haha ” Thomas Hughes (author of Tom Brown’s School Days) was asked to comment on the game as played when he attended the school (1834-1842). He is quoted as saying: ‘In my first year, 1834, running with the ball to get a try by touching down within goal was not absolutely forbidden, but a jury of Rugby boys of that day would almost certainly have found a verdict of “justifiable homicide” if a boy had been killed in running in.'” –quote found on wikipedia)