The Bestest Player in the Whole Wide World Ever!

FIFA’s annual popularity contest nears conclusion. The list is here, and FIFA’s news story on the list is worth a post of itself. The event will be imbued with a ‘Uuique tone’. Crivens – maybe they’ll have something that isn’t a corporate cockfarmer fest for a change. And Uncle Sepp’s minions must have been on something particvularly potent to come up with ‘but its singularity will not be limited to the elements of time and place.’ Goodness.

On to the list; note the prescese of 6 players who played for Real Madrid, even though it was the worst season they’d had in a long, long time. In which Zidane admits he’s playing worse now than he was two years ago. Where everyone agrees that Raul had a stinker of a year, and Beckham stopped playing after Christmas.

That list will go into international managers and captains, who vote for their top 3 players; as these managers come from all over the world, the list will tend to celebrity TV players rather than players who have played well, but you have to have watched them all season to realise how well. I remember someone from a South Pacific Island voted for Andy Cole one year, which was as touching as it was ludicrous.

For what it’s worth (very little obv), my tip would be Tegs Henry, followed by Chris Rockaldinho and Wayne Rooney bringing up the rear.