Oh, we’re back to the squad numbers thing again. Well yes, but with a mathematicians hat on. Last night due to some sleeplessness I wander down to catch the second half of DC United vs Dallas Burn. Dallas were one-nil up (though the American commentators still have not got the hang of nil, fair enough) and DC’s home. Then after a decent substitution DC slotted in a lovely pass which even Paul Scholes in 2003 could not have missed. Bang in the onion bag and the keeper Jeff Cassar looked a touch dejected. And on his shirt was the squad number 00.

I apporve of starting the numbering at zero from a maths point of view. It shows we have finally moved on from the Romans. Nevertheless it does encourage statements such as “he’s gone from hero to zero” and “its like there is nothing between the sticks”. On the other hand Cassar used to play for Bolton so perhaps he is used to feeling like nothing.

(Final score was 1-1 by the way if you are interested.)