The third and final post about last Friday’s disasterous Ethiopian excursion brings us on to the drinks. I noted below that from an extensive list of beers, including Casablanca and “mystery Ethiopian” the only two that were availible were Becks and Stella Artois. Now I am no fan of wifebeater Artois, but am aware as a licensee that the Stella bottles rock in at 330ml, while Beck’s is a tiny bladder friendly 275ml. Wanting more bouze I went for the Stella.

When the second round came it was pointed out to me that despite my smart-arsery, the Beck’s that had been delivered was indeed 330ml. Just prefering Beck’s crispness to the potential psycho Stella might turn me into, I swop brands. At which point, when delivered, there is a slight ripple of laughter. This soon blossoms into fully formed laughed aimed at me.

That’s right. The second round was indeed in 275ml bottles. Ha bloody ha.

And to add insult to injury, Tom spilled half of it.