As well as being sources of comfort and food for man, animals are also an endless source of wacky news stories. Only yesterday there was a story about a gorilla signing at women keepers to show him their breasts, and today brings us Snake eats own tail, which is surely a portent for the end of the world in some mythology or other.

I used to affect to despise these simple quirky news stories, but now I have to admit I’m hooked on them, particularly when they involve creatures doing crazy things. A subscription to Take A Break and a DVD of The Planet’s Funniest Animals no doubt lurk in my future.

After it turned out we were all too reserved to talk about love, this month Blog Seven is going to be about animals. I already suspect there will be a lot more entries, but to make sure of it we spent a while in the pub last night using our special Science Method to determine the Top 25 Animals in the world. Hot debates over fictional and robotic animals ensued and you’ll be seeing the results over the next 30 days.