The Retro Bar Pop Quiz!

Everyone loves the Retro Bar Pop Quiz, I always wonder why I don’t go there more. Anyway Alan suggested it and there was a groundswell of pro-quiz feeling which led to not one, but two FT-related teams locked in a private struggle over the chart position of Ms Jackson and the Killers. I am delighted to announce that Team World’s Smallest Monkey consisting of me, Sarah and Magnus beat Team Rub consisting of SOME OTHER LOSERS who didn’t even know where Anarchy In The UK got to.


In fact Team WSM won the entire quiz. Though actually the moral victory was not ours as I messed up the lucky dip prizes and ended up with free tickets to some kind of Goth night.

We did a bit of flyering for POPTIMISM, which as you know by now is our upcoming proper club in the proper West End. We came up with a great plan for putting circular flyers in the bottom of ashtrays until we realised that, erm, people put cigs in them. And flyers are made out of paper.

The jukebox in the Retro Bar is very good, as you would expect.

The quiz machine is very elaborate and is packed with a thousand games, including a quiz based on Mouse Trap, a bit of a missed opportunity as the quiz should obviously involve wrong answers leading to the crappy mouse trap not working or the little ball getting lost.

There was something else that caused us all to cry “Blog it” but I’ve forgotten. Perhaps Pete will remember.