Is it all getting a bit parochial around here? As in the excellent video for Midfielding by Midfield General, why should all the big sexy animals get all the screen time. Think about it, we live with pigeons, day-in, day-out and do we give them much of a second thought? Probably not, but they are remarkable creatures: if only for the disablist triumph against adversity displayed by so many of them.

The current CGI animated film Valiant posits the knowing participation of carrier pigeons during World War Two. Anyone who has seen puff pieces on the film will be aware that pigeons won medlas for valor in said war, which is only fitting being one of the few animals with a chest suitable for pinning medals on*. A quick survey of the pigeons knocking around at the moment though will surely suggest that this secret shadow war has continued to the present. Either that or the average pigeon likes to hang around in a minefield, the number of maimed and one legged pigeons there are about.

So pests they may be: but they are never in the way. Indeed their internal radar seems to sort that out (have you ever tried to kick a pigeon?) Rats of the air? Merely due to their abundance. They may say that while there are ravens in the Tower, Britain will never fall. I have another suggestion. The mere presence of pigeons illustrate the potential longevity of London. You never see a pigeons nest after all: an it is clear that they make their home in an upper dimension protecting London from strange invaders. Stop The Pigeon? Never

*See also Muttley.