B-b-but that’s not about Christmas, participants whinged. You better believe it is. As a nipper “We’re Off To See The Wizard” was more of a carol to me than “Silent Night”. Dorothy’s ruby slippers conjured up Christmas more than Santa’s red suit. Flying reindeer? Flying monkeys more like.

Not originally of course. The Wizard Of Oz was 1939’s big summer movie. But a few years later, it became stapled to Christmas first on Broadway, then on the West End and finally on the BBC. One of the first screen musicals to be adapted to the stage, it worked as half-pantomime half-adventure story. And there is nothing more magical than the black and white of school turning into the technicolour of the Christmas season (with lights et al). I even used to think that Judy Garland was pretending to still be a kid just so she could get more presents. Of course it’s a Christmas film.