As far as I could work out, the main connection between Christmas and The Hudsucker Proxy is that it snows near the end. Why we still have this ridiculous link between snow and Christmas, at least in the UK, is beyond me. I think I have only ever seen one white christmas, and even that was a bit of a dirty sludgy brown Christmas as it was four day old snow. Snow just don’t stay pristine round these parts.

Possibly the Coen’s most obvious homage filled film, and one which harkened back to a style of screwball Capraesque fanatsy that cinema rarely does well these days. It does also steal a bit of Its A Wonderful Life’s plot mechanics, though admittedly it stops time just at the last second before death for Tim Robbins hapless fella. But with the snow and the toys (you know, for kids) it could be a Christmas film. Hell, it is a Christmas film.