1: Staying in bed all day

I have a pretty protestant work ethic. In my usual day to day, not only do I rarely have sick days off, but even at the weekend I am usually up and out by 10am. I have never been sure if this is a personal endeavour to prove to myself that I am eeking out every moment of life usefully, but I cannot stay in bed all day at home.

Equally I would be embarressed out of my skull to spend a day in bed on HOLIDAY if anyone else could observe me. Christ, you might only be a way for a week. You would be letting them down.*

But on my own, I can do what I like. I can finally give in to the human urge to cocoon myself from the world. Not just that but having to constantly make an effort to communicate, make new friends and do stuff that feels like you are having fun can take its toll on the solo traveller. So sometimes it is nice to not have to do all that stuff, and just stay in bed. Last time I did this, in Prague, I read all of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, finally rising at six pm to go downstairs and get stupidly drunk (this story may be extrapolated on later).

*Of course in many ways this is the essence of a beach holiday, where you get out of bed to lie on a recliner by the pool, then back for a siesta…