I know that some of the visitors to this site ALSO watch Doctor Who. So as an experiment to see whether a) this is true and b) what sort of Doctor Who you lot like, here’s a poll on the season that finished on Saturday. I have set the bar pretty low as far as tickability goes, if you would like to be a little more stringent than “Any Good At All” you might imagine you’re giving marks out of 10 – tick ones that get 6 and over (a la the Popular year polls).

Which of these Doctor Who stories was Any Good At All?

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If you can’t remember which episode was which, there are reminders (spoilers!) below the cut:

DEEP BREATH: Victorian London, dinosaur, half-human clockwork robots.
INTO THE DALEK: The Doctor and Clara shrink down and go, er, into a dalek.
ROBOT OF SHERWOOD: The Doctor and Clara meet Robin Hood.
LISTEN: The Doctor investigates monsters under the bed.
TIME HEIST: The Doctor and Clara rob a space bank.
THE CARETAKER: The Doctor becomes a school caretaker, and interferes in Clara and Danny’s love life.
KILL THE MOON: It’s an egg!! Clara decides whether to blow it up or not.
FLATLINE: Clara fights 2D graffiti monsters.
IN THE FOREST OF THE NIGHT: Trees grow all over Earth.
DARK WATER/DEATH IN HEAVEN: Missy turns dead people into a cyberman army.