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News Will Eat Itself
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Which is thoroughly apt as in the UK it appears that we like to think of our TV news in terms of meals (which if you think about it might be the worst time to actually watch news). Breakfast and Lunch news – ony Dinner/Supper/Tea gets away wit[…]

Rubbish Updated
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How dare they take OUR rubbish kids cartoons and turn them into “hip and radical” rubbish cartoons of today. Here are just two examples coming up for Saturday morning US TV:
* 9:30-10:00 a.m. – LOONATICS UNLEASHED:
The six descenda[…]

yes yes “one ring to rule us all” but what’s it ABOUT?
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i. you can now (“now”) go out and buy versions of a film w.people talking right through it! when did we sign up for this brilliant development — if i have one full-on objection to the 19th-century model of art it is the “keep […]

Don’t Let Sean Bean Sire Your Daughter
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(People don’t use “sire” in that context much anymore. Actually, I guess they don’t use the word sire in any context that much any more.)
Why? Well in two Sean Bean films in one month, he has a daughter, said daughter gets mix[…]

Here’s A Proposition For You
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“If you don’t go kill your (nasty rapist, murdering though cooly philosophical) elder brother I will kill your (dimwitted, good hearted, if also potentially a rapist and murdering) younger brother”. The Proposition is not a film whi[…]

Here We Go, Here We Go etcetc
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In fact, with only 49 days to go until you know what starts, EVERYTHING is going football crazy, even the pictures, not that you’d know yet from the curzon website, but according to fourfourtwo there is to be an festival of football films from […]

Revise The Death Toll
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One of the problems of long running series is a tendency to repeat itself. And it is a tendency inherent in the plot munching behemoth that is 24. Now into its fifth series it is running out of major terrorist threats to inflict upon Los Angeles: hav[…]

Use Other Review Cliches Please
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In nearly every review of the Dardennes typically fantastic movie L’Enfant there has been a bit of gleeful tongue in cheek theorising about who the titular child really is. Whilst the plot, about two teenagers having a baby clearly has a baby i[…]

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Ant & Dec are actors. That’s how they met. In a story akin to how Charles and Eddie met (Ant – “I was a bit scared of him, he had been on it for a year”) how uber-steamrolling interchangeable double act (both straight men[…]

Murder (not) Shitty
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Last night’s Murder City cheated. A vicious rapist, who had got off on a technicality, is found shot – tied to a tree. Around him is found five blanks and one bullet that killed him. Who could have done it? The usual suspects are recycled through[…]


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