Last night’s Murder City cheated. A vicious rapist, who had got off on a technicality, is found shot – tied to a tree. Around him is found five blanks and one bullet that killed him. Who could have done it? The usual suspects are recycled through, as the number of bullets, and the number of suspects go up. Until we find out that there were twelve shooters. And then, with nary a chance for the viewer to make the Dub Dob Dee leap of faith, a fourteen year old kid suggests Twelve Angry Men. Not exactly a subtle treatise on revenge then, but it is always nice to see TV programmes not saying the obvious – no-one said “Do you think you are Judge Jury And Executioner?”

Still not sure if I like DS Stone having The Sweeney as his ring-tone though. All that said though, I still think for lack of obvious gimmicks and just solid production values, Murder City is by far the best crime drama ITV has done in ten years.