Which is thoroughly apt as in the UK it appears that we like to think of our TV news in terms of meals (which if you think about it might be the worst time to actually watch news). Breakfast and Lunch news – ony Dinner/Supper/Tea gets away with it because of the slipperyness of the dinner/supper/tea concept in the English language. So it is thoroughly appropriate that the BBC News, previously in the headlines with the Hutton Report, is now devouring itself at such a rate that there will be nothing left.

Wednesday morning: last fifteen minutes were taken up with a tearful farewell to Moira Stewart, bowing down from Breakfast. Thursday, on was Anna Ford, being bolshy about what she sees as BBC News’s age discriminatory policies. And this morning, a ten minute piece on – wait for it – the changing face of Breakfast News through the years, with particular emphasis on the SOFA. Finishing with a tearful (more tearful than with Moira) stroke and pat of the current sofa which we will see no more.