look i heart “ghost squad” and i don’t care who knows it —

i. the set-up is nonsense on a mission-impossible scale (no there is not a secret unit which parachutes in a sexy young girl genius* into ANYCOPSHOP ANYWHERE to stymie the bent, bcz ACCOUNTANTS RUN THE WORLD and wd SPOT THIS A 100 MILES OFF)

*(she is like joe 90 except instead of putting on glasses she doesn’t wear a bra)

ii. but however the point is not a POLITICISED DRAMA ABT POLICE CORRUPTION but a portrait of idealism’n’betrayal’n’pragmatism’n’futility blah blah: the kiss-off in both stories i saw so far has been that w/o the BAD APPLE UNDER SCRUTINY, mightn’t things not be WORSENED eh EH? which is zzz-ly cynical except that it’s balanced by PC Hot Popsicle’s** GROWING AWARENESS that her job is bentness x a squillion by comparison (she had a little rant about LYING LIARS ALL AROUND last night)


iii. anyway it is v.watchable even if you do have to keep flickin over to csi: nyc to check if the repeat is one you missed before***

***(i watch all police things ever even midsomer murders but i only actually think SOME OF THEM are any good)