So we left the Golden Lion, in a fit of annoyance. And it was 10:30 and we thought, lets head home. However, after walking five paces we changed out mind. But where to drink in Kings Cross?

Maybe I am the only person with a soft spot for the Dun-A-Ri (aka The Irish Bar), but it was where Tombot did some breakdancing last year, I have karaoked there and it stays open til 2am. Binge drink Britain starts here, and if there is a model for late doors drinkers, the general bonhomie and atmosphere of the Dun-A-Ri would be it. I know people who don’t like it, and some people think its a bit rough, but damn it – everywhere needs a bit of grit.

First things first. The same round as bought in The Golden Lion cost £6.20 in the Dun. Cheapness is not the only matter, we got a small table and eyed the jukebox (five for a pound). We got our prog on, and then I slapped some pop on and before you know it people were dancing to Girls Aloud. By now we were in for the duration, and the odd glass of absinthe seemed to pop up on our tables. Pub nutter came over, but was quite funny and we traded stories of escaping crack addiction (mine was clearly made up). And then it was two in the morning, and we were politely asked to leave. I could have stayed for a few more hours, the general air of fun was keeping me awake. A million miles from the unpleasant, over-loud footballed, over-priced rubbish from the Golden Lion.

And proof here that Fancyapint are often wrong.