The Bad Game (as we have taken to calling Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) has received surprisingly little coverage here on Freaky Trigger. This is possibly because those of us who own it haven’t had time for blogging due to playing the damn thing or, in my case, are scared of broadcasting their lack of progress to be laughed at by the people who’ve already finished the game… However, over on ILE [CAUTION: VAST THREAD WITH SEVERAL SPOILERS], there has been a lovely sense of community about the whole thing, with those more advanced players helping out the remedial kids like me, without giving too much away.

Onimo also brought our attention to this, which I am happy to blatantly steal. Also, I’m very disappointed at the tiny range of official clothing available from rockstar, where is my Dribblers basketball shirt with 69 on (and my helmut obv)?

…anyway, got to go and take denise out for fried chicken and a drive-by now, see you later [ahem] homies.