Pub Science Experiment #1

Pub 4: The Bow Bells, Bow Rd, E3

Category: Nearly Railway

A few yeards from Bow Church DLR, and a few more from Bow Road tube, this pub is much more like it. I laugh when I see some more tongue and groove but this is old and battered and not-pine and varnished and lovely. This is a biggish pub, unusually L-shaped, but comfortable and friendly, with delicious, cheapish pints of Breakspears (and two other bitters I don’t remember). The barman smiles happily as I wander to the bar and keeps amiably nattering to his two mates.

I have no idea what the Bow Bells is like in the evening: maybe it turns rowdy and nasty, though I’d be very surprised. It seems like it’s set up for comfortable drinking and the advanced, lubricated talking of utter nonsense. This is the sort of place which makes me sorry I don’t come to this neck of the woods very often. I could imagine growing to really like it here.

Overall mark: (out of 10): 7