BBC3’s go at serious documentaries recently actually consists pretty much solely of a docusoap called Paparazzi. Beyond the chummy calling of said photographers “Paps” the programme’s problem is in its identification with its subjects. Paps are not interesting, though the underhand and idiotic techniques used to get celeb shots can be entertaining. Unfortunately in focussing the camera on the paps, we the audience (those who feed off of the photos) spend the hour craning around the big telephoto lenses so we can get a good look at the celebrities they are photographing. About two thirds of the way through the programme, in a Victoria Beckham piece, our cameraman realises this and just shoots Posh instead, only to get a warning from her bouncer. “But I am making a serious documentary,” you can vaguely hear squeaked from behind the camera, before getting a thump from the bouncer. At which point the cameraman might understand the real meaning of the word serious, as in serious injury.