Football simulations have been done to death. Be you a playing type of the FIFA Soccer or Pro Evo schools, or management boors wrapped up in Championship Manager. But there is one area of football simulation which has been sorely neglected. That of running the actual game. A referee simulator.

The idea popped into my head watching a match in the pub where the poor old slaphead in black was huffing and a puffing away trying to keep up with the game. A management sim where the more your ref trains, the fitter he is and able to keep up with play. But the more prep he does on teams the better he is able to handle the big games. Your job would be marked, much like the new professional referees group, where success would move you from Sunday leagues to FA Cup games to the ultimate aim : refereeing a World Cup final, and perhaps having plastic surgery to look like Skeletor.

Oddly, the other motivation for this idea was the bus advertised game Evil Genius. Go figure.