BEFORE PARKING BEHIND THAT DUMP TRUCK, MAKE SURE THAT DUMP TRUCK DRIVER ISN’T A DUMB TRUCK DRIVER! Ah yes. We saw that there Harry Potter film last night, it was alright, I suppose, even though Harry is about as scary as Dave Gorman wielding a feather duster in his be-marigolded hands, but anyway – when we got home we got to watch THE WORLD’S WILDEST POLICE VIDEOS! This was a pleasant surprise, as it is usually on on Sunday nights, I like to think of it as a WARM UP TO MONDAY special teat, but others may not, but they can watch Newsnight or something, quite frankly give me the Worlds Wildest Police videos and I’m fine. Last night’s “world” video came from China, and showed some policemen running over a bag thieves motocycle and throwing them across the road.

Sheriff John Bunnell said it was a cracking example of what happens when COPS ARE WILLING TO GET TOUGH.

Unofficial Sheriff John Bunnel website!

“What you’re about to see in the next 60 minutes is real”.

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