NETTLE KNICKERS! A wonderful BBC science piece where the headline is needlessly gratuitous and fades away to a nice but less shocking piece on textile science. Of course nettle knickers could act as an appropriately natural defence against many predatory men. But equally they could give you a nasty rash down below, and unless you have a dock leaf bra relief may not be forthcoming.

This nettle mularkey is exactly the same one had about hemp. At Glastonbury I believe there is a whole stage made out of hemp or some such nonsense. The halfwitted hippy suggest that this is indeed a great thing, not realising that the cultivation of hemp for commercial, non-halluconogenic purposes will probably mean less weed for him. Or at least a crop which predominantly grown for its textile usefulness rather than psychotropic qualities. The winging about how hemp is a useful plant which is outlawed is not made from an agricultural point of view. And it seems the argument for nettles is even better. You can make a nice tea, a nice soup and now knickers out of it. And as anyone who has been a child in the English countryside knows, nettles are everywhere.