Hey, hey OSCAR!!!! Over here!!! Look at me. I’m a serious film. Look I’ve got Oscar winning Anthony Hopkins in me. Not only that but Oscar winning chart topping Nicole Kidman (and hey, like you’re going to give an Oscar to The Last Samurai, so you can snub Tom Cruise twice). Not only that but you can’t help but notice Miramax stumped up the money, and trust me – they don’t just make any old crap*. Still not sold? The film is based on a Pulitzer Prize winner Philip Roth novel. It really cuts to the quick of the obsessions and foibles of the modern American. Or at least the American pre 9/11. Its about racism, ageing, class and more universal themes like yet another film with an old bloke shagging someone who could be his daughter. Frankly you might as well not go see another film this year, give us the Oscar now. That’s right, The Human Stain. No I don’t know what it means, but its pretty artsy name right? Is there an Oscar for clever artsy names? Cheers.

What, you find Anthony Hopkins somewhat unconvincing as a Welsh accented African American professor. Not the classics thing you say? Still Nicole is good right? Oh, you find her portrayal of white trash with perfectly coiffured hair and manicured hands less than satisfying. Still you can’t moan about the big themes. Well yes, I suppose it is all a bit Clinton era. And the BIG MESSAGES are kind of swallowed in their painful obviousness. Nevertheless, do we still get that prize for the clever artsy name? Oh, I see – Lost In Translation has that one sewn up this year. Oh well back to the drawing board. It was such a good idea on paper.

*Well, they make crap like Scary Movie 3, which is new exciting crap.