The shame of the (not-so) secret RI:SE fan 1 day left… Everyone else
Oddly I never warmed to Dougie Anderson, RI:SE’s “other” presenter. Something about Dougie seems to suggest he’s about to break down and cry, plus his interview technique while gratifyingly unconventional, seems to tread the same eggshells of self-hatred. This is probably just me though.

I’d like to send thank to the other regulars: to James the Big Brother Monitor who was smashing, the Big Brother evictees that weren’t vile in the studio*, little Remi and the lovely Kingsmill duo, Mel:Sue.

[I could go back and edit the entry 2 days back, but Instead I’ll add here that I finally decided that Iain defintely is OK by me. I found the following quote in a Channel 4 chat thing “The best computer game is a game called Elite on the BBC micro, they should bring out a huge internet-based version of it now.” Make that man TV KING of all things COMPUTER]

*Fed and Justine were loathsome