GREAT NEWS FOR ALL OUR READERS! Well, great in the longer term. Freaky Trigger is moving over the next few days – the URL for most stuff will stay the same but we will be being hosted by the marvellous and generous Steve M. On the plus side this means:

– more webspace!
– less money spent by me!
– lots of potential for photos and making the site more colourful!
– unifying the FT site!

This latter will mean that NYLPM’s ancient tilde-strewn web address will change, probably to This is something I’ve wanted to do for AGES but have not had the space to, NYLPM’s archives being huge. It will however mean that you might have to update your links/bookmarks – watch this space for details.

The minus side is that for the next four or five days (maybe less, hopefully not more) we won’t be able to post anything on the Freaky Trigger site as the domain name and IP get freed up and transferred. So no updates for the other weblogs or for Popular for a little while.