Too much reality? The most extraordinary piece of TV I’ve seen recently was Matthew Kelly turning the tables on his host on the Frank Skinner Show. The shaven-headed giant had a sinister grin on his face as he demanded that Skinner repeat the lame jokes he had cracked at Kelly’s expense during the tabloid feeding-frenzy which had engulfed the other a short while before. Skinner squirmed and wriggled before he consented to recap his own offences, and as Kelly pointed out, his remarks really weren’t so funny when he was actually present. Although Skinner stood his ground and defended his right to make topical humour, I felt Kelly had the better of him: but unfortunately not all the folk ridiculed in the media have the option to appear and face down the finger-pointers. Was this rehearsed? For once, and I almost never believe that ‘live’ means live, I think this might have been happening for the first time. There was a point where Skinner looked as if he genuinely thought Kelly might thump him — and he’s not that good an actor — and his voice had reached its highest pitch by the time his last bathetic plea fell devastatingly flat: ‘I’m a comedian, it’s just my job!’

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