JogBlog1: Rationale.
When did jogging become running? I’m pretty sure there must be some kind of rockism at work — and I know I’ve been guilty of it… especially over this summer when training for the Great Scottish Run. What was supposed to calm me down and help my concentration over a three month period of unemployment became nearly as obsessive as the general angst which the running was supposed to alleviate.

The rewards were a pretty good time for a first half marathon (1hr 50)… and a knee injury which kept me off the streets for a month and a half. Combined with the start of a new job which involves more than an hour and a half of commuting time daily, this had put paid to any continued exercise programme. Until now, that is. So the theory is that if I see myself as a ‘jogger’, I might be able to take my running a little less seriously — and conversely, find more time to fit it into my life.

It had got to the point where anything less than an hour and a half of running + warm-up and cool-down time, seemed like a waste of effort. But a few short jogs a week have got to be a better bet fitness-wise than NO long runs a week. What remains to be seen is whether blogging this is going to help or hinder my progress!