Not to be a contrarian or anything, but when they make this big thing about how lame the youthful Hitler’s paintings were (HITLER: THE RISE OF EVIL starring Robert Carlyle, but in fact also everything else about Hitler ever), what’s the point being made, exactly? i. That Academies of Fine Arts have never turned anyone away who deserved to get in? ii. That genuine artistic sensibility of course never cohabits with that level of evil damage? or iii. That if this genocidal criminal had actually been the greatest painter of the age, this would be some kind of a silver lining? See, even if he really WAS good enough to get into Art School and got turned down for disgraceful or class-prejudiced or even art-prejudiced reasons, that doesn’t excuse how he went on to revenge it. (Maybe this is a silly point to be bothered by, given the subject, but I feel in some obscure way that laying SUCH stress on the question of his talent is ceding Adolf a point somewhere…)